new londo fire keeper soul

while crossing the narrow wooden bridge path look at the right side and you will notice it. Don't worry about getting kicked out, DMBs get failed invasions most of the time anyways, plus you can always go to Oswald to absolve your sins. Then, head up the stairs and up the path until you reach a … The fourth Fire Keeper Soul is located in New Londo Ruins, on the right hand side of a narrow wooden walkway. Fire Keeper Soul #3: While crossing the narrow wooden bridge path, look right to find it. so go to her cell and loot her body (go down the stairs to the left of the guy siiting by the bonfire at firelink shrine). use this in Anor Londo in the area right before the boss (where the two giants are) to invade Lautrec's world and get her firekeeper soul back. when you try to get near it three ghosts will appear, defeat them and collect the Fire Keeper Soul. New Londo, grab that Fire Keeper Soul, and if you started with the key go straight down to bully Queelag at soul level 1 ~Dicky Hidden fire keeper soul - New Londo Ruins Hey everyone as i just came accross this fire keeper soul in my NG+ i thought it would be cool to share it with you all in case you missed it. How to tackle New Londo Ruins in Dark Souls. You get one for killing the keeper in anor londo. In New Londo Ruins, it can be seen on the right hand side when crossing the narrow wooden walkway. New Londo Ruins. In New Londo Ruins – to get this soul, go the New Londo Ruins and you will come across a wooden bridge. Dark Souls New Londo Ruins. New Londo Ruins. Be careful though, as you'll encounter three ghosts in this area. It's quite annoying, but I make Anor Londo dark and kill her every single time, even on my SL 4 run where I don't need my Estus to heal that much. I killed the darkmoon covenant boss and the fire keeper auto attacked me for it and dropped a fire keeper soul. what happened was that Lautrec killed her. Get a Fire Keeper's Soul, give it to a Fire Keeper through the dialogue option, done.I wish it was a little more clearly stated as to how to use it properly. If you mean the one to get the fire keeper back then when you interact with where she was you'll get a black eye orb which will quiver when u get to the giant hall on anor londo before O&S. you'll get a black eye orb or something like that. ... when you reach the corpse you can collect a new Fire Keeper's Soul. As you're coming into New Londo Ruins you will cross two narrow wooden bridges. 13. Dark Souls: New Londo Ruins ... which is a Fire Keeper’s Soul. ... Then, get the item for a Fire Keeper Soul.

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