crkt squid g10 scales

The knife did not come stiff. It isn’t likely, but hand me enough bottles of porter and you never know what might happen. I work in a federal building – no blades over 2.5″. 5 out of 5 stars (155) 155 reviews. Ergonomically, the No Time Off favors function over form, with deep dual finger choils and a generous palm swell. If you can save up it’s probably worth your time to do so. The balance isn’t great, but other than that, the Squid’s weight won’t come up in use. This BHQ exclusive model utilizes a natural jade G-10 handle for added grip, … instead. Log in for pricing. It looks like a Skagen model? This knife is portly. Normally, I open up this section with a bit on the visual appeal of the handle. Simple. Second, the backspacer is ground unevenly. I was amazed by the small size and robustness of this blade. The Heiho features an AUS-8 stainless blade that combines great edge retention and corrosion resistance. CRKT Ruger R1803 Black Go-n-heavy Compact Straight Folding Pocket Knife. It’s a stainless steel framelock. 28 €40 23 €67 HT. Mine did come out sharp out of the box, but the action on it was not smooth and I had to clean and lube it before it was passable. The compact 2.14" blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with a blackwashed finish and hollow ground spear point shape. Log in for pricing. Your thumb is under your index finger and flips straight up, with your fingernail being the part of your thumb that contacts your index finger. Well, that’s tough to answer. Perfect lockup and centering, never cut anything or carried. Hey James, Not gonna lie, I got a chuckle. 5 out of 5 stars (44) 44 reviews $ 52.00. I've dyed other g10 grips with success before, so maybe I'll just give this a dip to really make it that green color. An absolute steal. Blade HQ also did a great job getting it shipped out fast. It doesn’t pinch and bind sitting or moving around. Black, green, blue, whatever. How could a $15 knife be compelling enough to warrant this attention? It is available in both Razor-Sharp or … Very sharp and slices great, firm lockup with a nice fit and finish. This knife costs slightly more than an unsatisfying meal at Five Guys Burgers & Fries and has actual design chops and good fit and finish. Shipped fast and came very sharp. Holds an edge all day feeding livestock. What else did you expect? It’s not a practical concern, but I’ve whined about lesser sins. In Omnia Paratus Eagle Scout Loaded Pockets. I just bought a Squid “first production” with stonewashed blade and G-10 scales from BladeHQ. The stainless steel frame lock and a low profile pocket clip are both black coated. In the photo an example of the finished product! Without a lanyard, the Squid is definitely a three finger knife, but on a knife this small you can’t exactly expect more. The Squid hits most of the ‘hype’ buttons the Cryo did at a lower price point, has (in my experience) better F&F, and in my opinion features a more attractive design. The gimping on the blade feels like it needs to move up just a tad further beyond the thumb studs to feel more natural. The hardworking blade features a satin finish and the strong tip is useful for more detailed tasks. SKU: M16-03Z. Given its weight, I was surprised to find that the Squid was a pretty quiet companion. This knife utilizes a stainless steel InterFrame build with steel liners, one locking, and textured G10 handle scales that are machined with Japanese kanji characters. Looks like a cheap copy. Still, it can’t be overstated that $15 is a far cry from $50. Thanks for taking the time to comment. That’s part of my concern with the Squid: yes, it’s almost embarrassingly affordable, but it’s also eminently bland in performance. As much as I put down Kershaw’s sub-$20 products, anything they produce around the $50 mark is pure gold. The Squid™ is an everyday carry folding knife from designer Lucas Burnley of Orleans, Massachusetts. The thumb studs are well placed and not pokey enough to snag on pockets or split your finger. I have owned 4 squids and I love giving them out as gifts. CRKT Pilar with Custom OD Canvas Micarta Scale. I think it’s important to keep perspective when talking about the Squid. If you get a chance to buy this knife DO IT. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Material - dark digital camo G10. White Mountain Knives P.O. The clip holds well, it stays put. Mainly being the chamfering of the edges of the scales and the slightly unevenly sized parts of the exposed liners on either side of the tang - peep the pics. It may look like Ben but it hits like Iron Mike. The Squid is another Lucas Burnley designed knife that’s earned a reputation as a solid knife for the price. This was the first knife i've owned and am psyched for it. Haha I got fooled there. CRKT Folding Pocket Knife M16 Spear Framelock M16-01s. Thanks for the heads up. What does it mean to coin flip a knife open? CRKT M16-01Z Spear Point Pocket Knife . Company Home; OGK Knife Blog; OGK Newsletter; Knife & Gear Reviews; Site Map; Departments; Gift Cards; About Us; Contact Us; Service Policies; FAQs; … But maybe you wish the handle felt a little sturdier, or the knife had a little more overall weight in hand. The CRKT Pilar is an amazing EDC knife that was designed by Jesper Voxnaes. The design is friendly enough that your co-workers won’t be wigged out, useful enough that you’ll always be glad to have it on you, and cheap enough that you won’t regret buying it if you do purchase more expensive knives down the line. The CRKT Heiho is a spring assisted, compact, folding tactical knife designed James Williams Sensei. The stonewash is nice, I suppose; but nothing that gets me out of my seat. Hey bdc, This Blade HQ exclusive CRKT Burnley Squid comes with natural jade G-10 scales and a black coated D2 steel blade, frame, and hardware. CRKT marketed the Drifter as a knife that was well built, affordable, and was very easy to customize via adding a customer's logo to the handle. Subscribe - Dead Fly Society. It has 8Cr13MoV. -Grayson Parker. The Zancudo folding knife is 7 inches of mediocre usefulness. Knife Scales - Whitemountainknives. Sure, the detent is a bit weak for my taste, but you can slow roll or coin flip the Squid open, and that’s what counts. Outside of work I’m an M-21 or M-16 guy, so I like larger knives. 4.8 out of 5 stars (15) Total Ratings 15, $37.27 New. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. ORDER NOW 888-676-6050. The Squid is a compact folding design from Lucas Burnley that is built to stay with you at all times and handle any task. I am in and out of trucks and tractors all day. It’s an all steel 3.5 oz sandwich, and there is no getting around that. etc. My personal preference would have been to gone with G-10 for both sides of the scale. Only ... Black G10 handle. The clip allows for discreet carry, and everything about the Squid that makes the grip questionable makes it carry like a dream. It’s listed as a hollow grind, and the stock isn’t very thick; only .11”. Great feel in hand.perfect lockup,strong detent. Got the prototype finished for the most part and am starting on another scale. Best Tactical Knives In this case, with a weak detent on the Squid, the coin flip is more successful than, say, a push, which generally relies more on the detent and less on the actual force that you’re imparting.

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