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Above is what Status Audio calls the CB-1’s Sound Signature. It indicates a way … These aren’t miracle headphones. Status Audio knows it isn’t working with the beryllium drivers of the $3,999 Focal Utopias, and so it hasn’t tried to do anything special with the tuning. It’s the sort of thing you’ll notice if you spend time with these headphones listening intently in quiet rooms rather than walking around town. Check out those wrinkles. Let's start with the overall feel. Status Audio calls the CB-1 studio monitor headphones, implying they’re the kind a producer might use to mix an album. Though very skeptical of ratings, I couldn't pass … TicWatch Pro 3 LTE launched, improving on an already great smartwatch, How to get an Nvidia RTX 3080, 3070 or a 3090 even though they're all sold out, Where to buy Xbox Series X: the latest restock updates for Cyber Week, Best digital photo frame 2020: 7 great home displays for your photos, Antivirus alone is no longer enough to keep your devices protected, Cyber Monday phone deals 2020: these offers are still available. Those sensitive to public perception might want to sport these indoors only. The Status Audio CB-1 excelled in the sound quality for classical and jazz, so if that’s your music genre, you’re in for a treat. Now the good stuff that you do get here is where the CB-1 starts to shine over its similarly priced competition. On the other hand, the plastics aren’t any creakier than the Audio-Technica M50x’s and, the real surprise, the light gold rings around each cup are real metal. And I am still stunned at the high percentage of 5 Star reviews on Amazon. Visit our corporate site. We were able to twist and contort it quite radically and it always found its way back to the original shape. Whilst nothing on the CB-1 feels like it is going to give out, there is still a lot of cheap plastics used in the construction. The one caveat is that as there is a reasonable amount of headband force, they will press your glasses’ stems against your head. $49 $79. Generic looks aside, the Status Audio CB-1 headphones definitely favor sound over style, and considering the sound performance that you get from them, $79 is a remarkable price point. Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. There’s not even a Status Audio inscription on the jack or inside one of the cups. A simple solution to make the headphones more portable was to grab this awesome V-Moda Speakeasy cable. NY 10036. Build quality is a strange mixed bag. However, pairs like the Grado SR60e have a much tauter, lean muscularity to them. They are a very nice touch and one that will be appreciated by all day listeners. Big headphones don’t always block out loads of sound. The Status Audio CB-1 are a mixed bag throughout, but subtract the bad from the good and you’re still left with a very good-value pair of headphones. The Status Audio CB-1 is a closed back, circumaural headphone with a build and style that looks like a cross between an Audio Technica ATH M40x, an M50/50x, and a Sony MDR V6/7506. The Status Audio CB-1 are very affordable given the sort of sound quality and design you get here. Want lots of comfort and great sound? We have talked a lot in the past about the benefits of open back headphones but it has always been hard to wholeheartedly recommend a set under $100 that sounds anywhere close to as good as these do. Speaking of comfort. This does make them look a bit generic in our eyes but in the end it cuts down on cost so we are happy with that trade off. We’ve also compared the Status Audio CB-1 … We found it drastically cuts the weight and has the added bonus of making the headphones into a headset thanks to the inline microphone. Status … It's also very generously padded meaning that the CB-1 are very comfortable to have on the head for long listening sessions. There’s also a 6.3mm adapter should you want to plug into a receiver or some pro audio equipment rather than a phone. And, closer to home, the Audio Technica ATH-M50x have less of that middy resonance. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones with 50mm Drivers - For Music Production, Mixing, Mastering and Audiophile Use (Black & Gold) at We would have much preferred to have seen a metal headband slider, like we had with the Status Audio OB-1, for some added peace of mind. The cables are both excellent quality. The headband itself is flexible to a ridiculous extent. Timing is sloppy and badly focused, leaving the sound mired in those claggy mids. A good deal, that’s what. Studio-grade headphones usually don't come cheap, but Status audio's CB-1 break the mold. Status Audio CB-1 Earpad Replacement? So don't buy from Status Audio… The soundstage was average with more depth than width but still nothing outstanding. CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitors. - My buddy has a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones (and they do sound good, but don’t have a flat frequency response, and weak low end), and he wishes he had these Status Audio CB-1. Status Audio CB-1 ⭐ review. Last week we reviewed the also excellent Status Audio OB-1 the companies flagship open back headphone. The design is more generic than high-end with practical features that are hit or miss depending on your personal listening habits. The Status Audio CB-1’s mids are slightly recessed in certain parts, and lacking in texture in others, leading to certain parts of the sound being given a watercolour-style wash of cloying warmth. Audiophile On is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. Over 2000 five-star reviews "Might be the best headphones under $100" ... CB-1 Studio Monitor Headphones. The Status Audio CB-1 for all intents and purposes are a fairly neutral sounding headphone. At the price point of $79 (they’re on Amazon for $63) you are pretty much guaranteed to not be dissapointed.They are a great pair of headphones to have in your repertoire and The Verge touted them as the best headphones under $100.They also have great customer reviews. As soon as we stepped out of navel-gazing listening mode and started listening to the Status Audio CB-1 just walking around, their substantial benefits became far more apparent than the shortcomings. 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