introducing new cat to multi cat household

Considering that cats in the wild are primarily loners, it's amazing how well most of them adapt to living with feline company under the same roof. Use a baby gate—or two baby gates, one on top of the other—to separate the cats and, proceed with feeding as described in the previous technique. It's better to have fifty brief visits that go well than to have one extended visit that ends in injuries and a trip to the vet. Many of us like to have more than one cat at home. When the big day arrives and you show your new cat her lifetime home, place her in the well-appointed quarantine room that you prepared. Then, perform this sequence in the other direction—rub a cloth or sock on the resident cat, take it to the new cat, and so forth. What Does Catnip Do to Cats? Every cat introduction is different. At first, you’ll need to supervise them to ensure that everyone gets along well. With two curmudgeonly, older cats that are set in their ways, you might have to wait a couple of weeks or more. For that reason, first impressions are extremely important when meeting other household … It will be easier for your new cat to get used to her surroundings without the stress of meeting new cats at the same time. Ruff Start Rescue recommends placing your new cat into a safe room where they have access to food, water, a litterbox, a comfortable place to rest, and comforting interaction from members of your household … Before introducing the cats, make sure they are both relaxed and adjusting well to the situation. Because there is a barrier, your other cats will not feel threatened. If you are separating a new cat from the existing ones for three weeks, you don’t want them to be able to share air, lest they also share diseases. Two stubborn adult alpha cats may need several weeks of limited face time before they're ready to be left alone in the same room. Fishing pole toys allow the new cat to participate in the fun from afar. This will trigger grooming behavior in the cats, and they might even begin grooming each other if they are near one another. For example, if the resident cat is older and calmer, he may not appreciate the addition of a rambunctious kitten to his home. I'll leave you two alone so you can get to know one another.". The process of … Each cat should use the other cat’s (scooped!) Rearrange the layout if necessary, to help foster peace and minimize inter-cat bickering. When you bring a new cat home, the worst thing you can do is let her loose right away. With two kittens, this could be an hour or two after the new cat's arrival. Why Do Cats Like Catnip? We know how difficult it is for us to adopt a single kitten, either because we love these beautiful animals, because we want to expand the family or because we have found a stray cat … After doing this a few times, just leave the door to the new cat’s room open. When the cats are generally going about their business in the presence of each other and seem to have reconciled that they have a permanent feline housemate, you can ease up on the supervision. Jennie Willis, Ph.D, an instructor at Colorado State University, recommends, “Normalize the smell of a new housemate by switching the bedding of the cats. Danny MacDonald So, you adopted a new cat — congrats! When you think all the cats are ready to meet, put your new cat into a carrier. Feed the cats in opposite corners of a large room. As the two cats become more comfortable with one another, give them increasing freedom to interact with each other. on 2017 Nov 24th. Every cat-to-cat relationship proceeds at a different pace. Equally important: show your resident cat regular affection too, as it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of a new pet … In a multi-cat home, it’s important to have many places from which … Your resident cat will know something's up, but he won't have to contend directly with a competitor during daily routines right away. Let the new cat have access to the entire house—at least the part where cats are allowed. There is a charge for the service if you choose to connect to a veterinarian. If you know that the new kitty is used to a specific litter box setup or has favorite toys, scratching posts, or sleeping surfaces, try to include those in the room; the continuity will be comforting to her. Tony, meet Tabatha, your new feline housemate. Include food, water, toys, a litter box, and a bed or towel to sleep on. To ensure success, here are five tips for introducing a new cat to your multi-pet household. Then, you will be transferred to a human. Whenever possible, a high-energy kitten or young cat should be paired up with another high-energy kitten or young cat, so each has a compatible feline playmate. I didn’t introduce the kitten to all five cats all at once, but arranged it so the kitten could meet one or two cats … Initially, a bot will ask questions to determine the general nature of your concern. There are several well-tested variations on how you can set up and direct this series of meet-ups. If you need to break up a fight, say "no" very loudly, clap your hands, stomp your feet, throw a towel between the two cats, or squirt them with water. Shopping Cart Software by BigCommerce, Cat Houses with Lounging Deck and Extended Roof, » Cat Care: How to Know When Your Cat Is Sick, » Cat Feeding: Tips for Feeding Cats in Multiple Cat Households, » ​7 Common Feral Cat Behavior Problems (and How to Solve Them), » Halloween Safety: Tips to Keep Your Feral Cats Safe, » ​Seven Common Habits That Can Shorten Your Feral Cat’s Life, How to Introduce A New Cat to a Multi-Cat Household. Final tips. With time, they will probably warm up and become great friends. Ample hiding spots and perches. This technique is also much easier to do with two people. ", "Tabatha, meet Tony, the resident cat. To help your new cat transition to … Ensure that you play and cuddle with your other cats, too, not just the new addition. *Some cats don't react to catnip at all, while others love it. The hard part comes when introducing cats to a new cat in a multi-cat household. Bites especially can lead to dangerous infections; seek prompt medical attention if a cat bites you. Your patience will pay off. When you bring a new cat into your multi-cat household, encourage your cats to play together by bringing out a few toys and getting them to interact. However, after the incubation period is up you can allow both cats … On the other hand, if you proceed with patience and kindness, your cats can start their relationship on a positive footing. Let the cats check each other out. Once your new cat demonstrates a notable comfort level in has base camp, it’s time for… Site swapping: This is where each cat gets to explore the other’s territory without ever laying eyes on each other. This will give him time to adjust to the idea of sharing his space. Cats that are related, or have been together since kittenhood, are more likely to get on than cats … This room should be inaccessible to your resident cat and incorporate all of the important territory and lifestyle elements described above. Granted, sometimes your new cat will be a stray that finds you rather than the other way around, so you just have to do the best you can. The welcome home room should stay in place until the new cat doesn't appear to be using it as a refuge. Gradually increase the cats' exposure to one another, but don't rush things. If the owner doesn’t want to work on the problems with me, I am often asked to re-home the cat. Cats are very territorial and introductions in a multi-cat household can take time. If you’re bringing a new cat into a household with multiple cats, introduce each resident cat … Chaperone the initial meetings. They can approach her and take a good look without fear or aggression. Learn more here: "Best Breeds for Multi-Cat Households.". Exude an upbeat calmness, which hopefully will be picked up by the cats. Give the cats plenty of praise, and offer them treat rewards when playtime is done. Forget leaving the new cat at home alone, as this will only bring problems, especially if one is an … Make sure all members of the household–except the resident cat–introduce themselves and spend time with the new cat, as well. 12. If, as a last resort, you have to position yourself between the cats to end a fight, wear shoes, socks, and long pants, and have a pair of thick oven mitts nearby, to protect your hands from bites and claws. If your new cat tests positive for a contagious disease, discuss various options and their associated health and psychological implications for both cats with your veterinarian. When introducing a new cat into your home with other cats, it is essential to remember that this is likely an unsettling transition for all pets involved. You could also consider vinyl nail caps for extra protection. In a multi-cat household, variables include several different cat personalities. If you’re bring home a new cat to your resident cat (s), make sure you start off on the right foot by doing a proper introduction. How long will the process take? Not infrequently, re-home has meant my-home. When you introduce a new cat, it can be easy to ignore your other cats. This will help alleviate any anxiety and prepare them for a face-to-face meeting. The right introduction … If she is a feral cat, set up a heated cat house for winter, preferably with a door. Make sure each cat has their own food, water, litter box, and scratching post.

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