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Ever since, Amazon removed incentivized reviews, getting reviews has been harder and harder.However, there are some easy sure-fire ways to get reviews – some that are completely white-hat, and some not so white-hat. While there are countless other marketing tools that can be used when promoting a book, reviews are, and have always been, the most important element in promoting a book. Submit your book for reviews today! To get started, decide how many reviews you are hoping to get. BookSirens is one of the best ARC review services on the web to help get your book reviewed. If you have your eye set on 25, you’ll want to reach out to at least 100 reviewers. Some blogs will have a form to fill out; others might ask you to email them directly. The step-by-step process for launching your book with at least 25 Amazon reviews. Though book bloggers are the most reliable and professional source of reviews for independent authors, you may want to try other avenues to maximize your chances! Sounds pretty sweet, right? Pro tip: If you’re searching for a good book production tool, the Reedsy Book Editor can format and convert your manuscript into professional EPUB and print-ready files in a matter of seconds! Thank you. Announce the Book on Launch Day. Yet the days pass... and the reviews don't come. If they leave a good review, you'll be featured in our newsletter, which goes out to thousands of subscribers every week. Now that you’re clear on what the blogger wants, you can start pitching them with confidence. Please upgrade today! That said, NEVER offer "review swaps" or any kind of promotional enticement for customers to leave reviews, as this would also be against Amazon's terms. When pitching to book reviewers, these are the titles you'll use to sell your own book. I'm just relaying what I heard, but since Amazon operates on logarithms, this makes sense to me. Quantity matters. I looked at the page of Amazon reviewers, and while they all sound like wonderful people, there is no contact information. For more firsthand advice on reaching out to reviewers, check out this Reedsy Live from professional marketer and book publicist Ben Cameron. If you can move your title into earlier search pages, you’ll be discovered by readers who wouldn’t otherwise find you. – Posted on Sep 17, 2019. You’re sitting in front of your computer, blissfully imagining all the five-star book reviews that will soon be yours. Comp titles are critical because they act as a compass, pointing you towards a ready-made audience that enjoys works in the same mold as yours. And Illustrated Too. So, if you do decide to do this, how do you get the Amazon Top Reviewers to review your book? Once the Amazon review goes live (check your review page daily and check for emails from reviewers saying they posted it), send the thank you email to the righ. The following tips will help you answer these questions. Every author's book is different, but the process for getting book reviews is reassuringly universal. I have thoroughly gone through the article and according to my personal observations you have done a great job writing this Article.Being associated with writing profession, I must mention that AcademicWritingPro are quite helpful nowadays.Furthermore, quality is also an important aspect. I’m also on Goodreads, and ran a giveaway program back in January, which garnered me three reviews for thirty books given away. You can also check out this Reedsy Live on how to get your first book reviews, with advice from author and book marketer Debbie Drum. Other than double-checking the review policy, the most important thing to do here is to format your book in a professional manner. Follow Up With Each Reviewer After Your Launch. HAHAHAHA. NAME – I want to thank you so very, very much for posting the book review to Amazon. I have the same question that others here do. 2. So what do you do about them? Hello, Updated November 2020 with up-to-date tactics and strategies. I will usually chase again after a week has passed. But you may see the Catch-22 here: in order to make your first sales, you’ll need to display positive book reviews. Create a List of Reviewers. And that thing is... Before you pitch any blog, make sure you read the blogger’s review policy. While soliciting reviews can seem to take a lot of time and effort, their value cannot be underestimated. In that vein, here are some final tips on how to deal with bad reviews: 1. This might be your agent, your friend, or your mom — anyone you trust to pre-screen your reviews. "When you pitch each outlet individually, specifically write that you read their positive book review of your comp and what that comp title was,” says Jessica Glenn. That said, someone rejecting your book for review is a worst-case scenario. I am in personal finance and investment. This is important when asking someone to do you a favor. Never send out bulk pitches. Though Amazon prohibits reviews from close friends and family, you're free to tell your random social media followers about your book and hope they leave good reviews. Khalid A. Khan. The reviews you receive following a promotion are provided by real readers who are responding to your review request at the back of your book, or a review request from Amazon. However, most of the reviewers do have post their information in their bios, or list their social media and websites at the bottom (see below … Thank you, However, as social proof will have it, a four-star book with 463 reviews will persuade more people to buy it than a four and half star book with only 14 reviews. You've written a book, now's the time set it up for success by planning your book launch! They also improve your book’s ranking when consumers are searching on Amazon, which is the primary reason to stay committed to getting Amazon reviews. Here are some important factors to consider: Remember those comp titles you came up with earlier? Here are 8 steps with lesser-known hacks that could be your key to success! Now that you have a list of books, you will need to start with one at a time and do the following steps for each book: Go to the book’s Amazon sales page by clicking on the book. Excellent Write up. Any further follow-ups, or aggressive requests as to why your work's not being reviewed, will not be viewed kindly. Additionaly if some reviewer is interested in the topic of investment and sees this post, I can send her/him a free copy of my book in pdf to read it and review it on amazon. Here are three more ways to get book reviews for your work, so you can bolster your Amazon profile and start making some serious sales. Include references to similar books they’ve already reviewed so they realize you have done your homework. One of them trashed the book, too. Best-case scenario, the blogger responds favorably and you’ve bagged yourself a review! Most books get four and a half stars. Keep track of when you sent your letter, who says yes, who says no, and who never replies. I would like to review your book. Give out bookmarks or postcards. 2. #bookreviews #kindlebookreviews #amazonbookreviews #indiebookreviews Get book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads around your book launch. Rank high in your category and Verified Customer Reviews for your eBook with our safe and easy method for sales, reviews… We do free book reviews if your book interests us. Some bloggers might prefer digital copies of manuscripts, while others might want a physical ARC — be prepared to accommodate. Your Amazon reviews carry weight. If you have any more questions about how to get book reviews, let us know in the comments! It isn’t easy getting somebody to buy, let alone review a book. Yes, marketing a book may be madness, but the process of getting reviews lends method to that madness. You could even just go … Marketing 6 Tips for Handling Your Negative Reviews on Amazon Nobody wants bad reviews. The reviewer will post their review of your book on their blog — and on Amazon, Goodreads, and any other platforms that they’ll name in their review policy. Choose a book, then click on a review for that book. Address valid criticisms. Speaking of which... Now that you’ve got a strong sense of your audience, you're ready to find blogs that will provide the best exposure to that audience. For this post, we asked our top Reedsy publicists to share their best tips on how to get book reviews from book bloggers — and we've condensed their advice into these five essential steps, plus a few bonus tips at the end. All you have to do is a) keep it short, and and b) personalize it as much as possible. Follow up two weeks after your initial request with a friendly and simple message asking if they have had a chance to read through your request and that you look forward to hearing back. Unless you plan to write short stories and not commit too much time to writing, marketing, promoting, etc – STAY AWAY FROM SELF-PUBLISHING!!! Not to mention that if you ever write a sequel, you can almost certainly count on them for a follow-up review. If you want an excerpt placed, ask for that.”. 1. Another option is to go straight to the big kahunas, by which we mean the top-ranked reviewers on Amazon. "Second, you may find that even if the site is closed for review queries, it's open to publicity queries — where you might be able to place an excerpt or do a Q&A or occasional blog post. Whatever they say, make sure that you follow it to a T. “There are two main benefits to reading and following the review policies closely,” says Beverly. 3. Hi. Over 500,000 authors trust the professionals on Reedsy, come meet them. 3. LOL! Reviews immediately add credibility to your book, communicating to potential customers that it is a worthy read. Look at the Book Reviews. Enroll on this free 10-day publishing course. How do you get them to do this? Grow your ARC team. Send ARCs and review copies effortlessly. marketing that book before and after launch,, ", According to Jessica, you should have at least 15 potential comp titles for your book, ideally a mix of bestsellers and well-reviewed indie titles. . Home » Promoting & Marketing » How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon for Your Own Book. Remind Your Reviewers a Week Before Launch. We are a group of retired people in New Zealand who get tired of bungee jumping or diving icebergs (Haha! If you’re interested mail me at: sofpan at yahoo dot com. But when you distribute your book through Amazon, getting reviews may be the single most important thing to determine your book’s future success. A Note on Effort. “Remember, by submitting your book for review, you're accepting that some people might not enjoy it,” says Hannah Hargrave. Book reviews are important for all books, but especially so for self-published books because most sales are online. As an independent author, getting reviews for your book is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do. Your questionnaire will direct you to your target audience and help you create a proto-persona. The more people read your book, the more reviews you will get. There’s no secret formula, and no one way to get book reviews, but with a little research, a lot of patience, and a ton of outreach, those coveted book reviews are but an email away. Of course, you'll have to comb through this list pretty carefully to find someone who reviews in your niche. Digital copies also cost next-to-nothing to produce, so you can easily send multiple copies of your book out to different reviewers. It’s like wearing a seatbelt: put it on every time you’re in the car, even if you’re just going around the block, and you never hav… I've heard there's an even higher bump if you get over 100 reviews, a feat I've only achieved once and with a book that's permafree. Reedsy is more than just a blog. ), so we play golf, read books, write books, and do free book reviews if we like your book. Those who prefer their tips in written form, let's dive right in with the very first step of the review acquisition process! Needless to say, you'll want people to buy and read your book ASAP so they can leave you some good reviews. This way you are getting genuine Amazon reviews since the books were purchased through the site, but you haven’t required them to buy your book to do so. If you've published your ebook with KDP Select, you'll receive 5 days every period where you can make the ebook free. Are you trying to promote your book but all the regular tricks aren't working? “All reviewers want the opportunity to discover the next 'big thing’ — particularly with fiction — so make them feel as though they have the opportunity to get the word out first," says Hannah Cooper. And whoever they are, you'll keep them in mind every time you make a marketing decision. Step 1. Very useful article. “Many first-time authors balk at this," says Jessica, "as they believe there is no true comp for their book — but dig deep and you'll find them!”. Enter book bloggers, who are your new best friends! Who will be reading your book, and who is best positioned to promote it to that audience? If you’re writing a thriller, type thriller + book blogger into the search field and see what comes up. A note: if you’re wide, use “please leave a brief review on your online bookseller of choice” and omit the direct link. Tell your followers about your book. Finally, be direct and ask for what you want. They can inform you whether each negative review is a worthwhile (if humbling) read, or just too nasty to stomach. The platform allows authors to share their books with readers who are right up their alley, plus get the chance to be reviewed by one of our Discovery writers. This is, of course, creating the pitches you'll send to reviewers. “That's so we can dig into any useful piece of bio, community, or regional info to figure out who and why people will be interested in your book.”. Learn more…, Find the perfect marketer for your next book. Have someone else read them first. An effective, safe, and proven service for authors to get honest, unbiased Amazon Customer Verified Reviews, Best Seller Category Ranking, and sales for their Kindle eBook. Blog One of the easiest ways to get reviews for your book is to find out where your customers are hanging out and then offer to give your book away to them for free. Next, go through the book blogger directories for. However, before we get to our publicists’ actionable tips on pitching, there’s one more thing that you absolutely HAVE to do. It sounds like ” Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Special thanks to book publicists Jessica Glenn, Hannah Hargrave, Hannah Cooper, and Beverly Bambury for their input and suggestions throughout this article. This is yet another reason why it's vital to read that policy carefully, so you know exactly where the review will be seen. I published my book HERETIC INVESTOR about a year ago. If you want a review, ask for it! And it only takes a few minutes to submit. these are the titles you'll use to sell your, format your book in a professional manner, prohibits reviews from close friends and family, And it only takes a few minutes to submit. Follow-up is key. Check out our tips and download our free book launch checklist! Record which blogs you’ve submitted to so far, which blogs have responded, and which blogs you plan to submit to, so you don't accidentally double-submit or skip over anyone. Right off the bat, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get yourself so familiar with Amazon’s reviews rules, we could wake you up in the middle of the night for a pop quiz and you’d ace it.Knowing what’s kosher and what isn’t eliminates any grey area so you never have to worry if you’re doing the wrong thing. You can use them not only to pitch your book, but also to find potential reviewers, as they will correspond perfectly with your genre and target audience. “Then you might want to include the cover copy or a brief description of the book. Another great way to get a handle on your target audience is to figure out your comparative titles — books that are a) similar to yours and b) share the same general readership. Now, as an author, you might be wondering: “How can I begin to find all the places where a given book was reviewed?” Don’t forget the power of Google! However, when it comes to reviews, any amount of awareness is better than none. This is the book it’s about alcoholism divorce drug addiction bitterness anger hatred and jealousy forgiveness unforgiveness anxiety poverty fear worry love happiness death suicide lost of a loved one Redemption and so much more all in one book. There is no easy way. We try to post our reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble and our social media. Make a list of all the people in your life whom you’d like to have review the book. I am going to give up on this self-publishing thing, though I admit it has been fun. You may want to check out apps like Instafreebie and Bookfunnel, which make it easy to generate individual ARC download links that you can send to the reviewers. Will be following this approach pretty closely to get a few more reviews for my old and upcoming books. Getting Amazon reviews takes time, money or both. Because if you want your reviews to be in place by then, you’ll need to give people time to actually write them! Though Amazon prohibits reviews from close friends and family, you're free to tell your random social media followers about your book and hope they leave good reviews. Panayotis The top reviewers for Amazon have earned their status for a reason; they review everything from books to electronics, and other consumers rank their reviews as useful. I would recommend self-publishing to my enemies as a way to destroy them. Once your work is out there in the world, you can’t control other people’s reactions to it. 2. Amazon only allows you to send one review request. > Book Marketing Bad book reviews — they happen to all authors! As a reviewer I would be looking for signs of genius. Take a look through Amazon’s top book reviewers list, and start logging info about your potential reviewers. Hi Panayotis, If you do any public speaking, teaching or just meet lots of people, print up bookmarks or postcards that invite people to buy your book. Increasing your customer support is one of the best things you can do to get more, and better, Amazon product reviews, even though the former deals with service and the latter with products. The easiest, most common way all of these new authors get Amazon reviews is to sit back and wait for people to purchase their book and leave a review of it. If someone points this out in a constructive way, acknowledge it and do what you can to fix it. It’s no secret that the more reviews a book has on Amazon, the more likely it is to sell. Once you’re armed with a bundle of suitable book review blogs, you've arrived at the third (and perhaps most crucial) step in this process. In fact, DON’T purchase the book on Amazon. Still no review. Promote your book to thousands of early book reviewers and book review blogs. “Once you have your 15-or-so comps, you can research where each book has been reviewed,” says Jessica. Include a request for Amazon book reviews (and book reviews in general), again, if they love the book. How to remove negative book reviews from Amazon (with Kindle’s “most helpful” feature) 2018 UPDATES: Amazon has been doing “purges” of reviews and a lot of authors have seen hundreds of reviews deleted. Marketing a book doesn't need to be scary. "If you receive a decline response, or no one responds to your third chase-up, assume this means they are not interested. What do you do now? A week or more has passed since you queried a book blog, and so far… crickets. Now, the art of the pitch. You're only human, and your book won't be perfect. You can also hide it by selecting Hide on … And I really, cannot get in touch with these amazon’s reviewers. Or who find two grammar mistakes and claim it makes the book unreadable and so they give you a 2 star review. You are looking for reviewers who have already reviewed books in your genre, and once you’ve found them, any additional information you can grab about them, including email addresses, and any personal interests. This is a modern website which will require Javascript to work. Hi ive just written my book called Goodness and Mercy under Frederick Amina at Amazon book’s. But if you're the author we know you are, you'll be up to the task. If all goes well, the reviewer will publish a positive review that you can use to further promote your book. If you can, plan your book review campaign 4-6 months in advance of your publication date. Clicking on an author name will bring you to their author page, which will include a listing of their books. And even after all that, there's no guarantee their review will be positive. But what if you don't get any bites from book bloggers, or — horror of horrors — one of them gives you a negative review? But there’s a way to marry the two. Book bloggers have the uncanny ability to passionately and tirelessly spread the word about their views—and reviews. On top of that, feel free to try alternative strategies, and remember not to take the bad reviews too personally. Fortunately, the next two sections should help you deal with each of these possible dilemmas. 3. 1. To get Amazon reviews for your next book launch, or to add reviews to an existing book, consider taking action on these following strategies: #1 – Build a launch team There are many ways to hunt down reviewers for your book. Tweak it a little, making sure to reference things spotted on the blogger’s pages, and adding any commonalities. Go to Your Profile. We write books too, so we like to see what other authors are currently doing. Maybe you'll even get a decent pull-quote for your book description! If this seems too time consuming, create a boilerplate review request with highlighted fields for personalization, such as their name, and recent books they’ve reviewed. Imagine the day of your book launch. These are the people that the Amazon community has deemed most helpful and accurate, based on hundreds or even thousands of their reviews. Compose a strong email to them appealing to their passion for and knowledge of your genre, as well as their previous interest in your work. Why, follow up, of course! My book is on Investing. We are a group of retired people in New Zealand who play golf, read books, write books, and do free book reviews if we like your book. Basically, try to get reviewers to think, “Oh, if I enjoyed [comp title], I’ll enjoy this person's book too,” or “They've done the research to know that I’m a good fit for their book.” If you can do that, you’re already much closer than everyone else to obtaining high-quality book reviews! A quick preliminary note: you want to start the review-gathering as early as possible. How do you get in touch with Amazon reviewers?? Self-publishing is the most unrewarding soul crushing experience! As above, be professional in your follow-up activities. Think of how you list products. As you dig into book review blogs, check on these two things first: Once you've confirmed that a book review blog is both active and open to queries, think about whether it's right for your book. Learn how to sell ebooks on amazon by making sure your book page is as polished as possible — as well as tips for driving traffic to your Amazon book page! 7. Step 1: Go to the list of Amazon Top Reviewers. It obviously helps if you have a large … As is marketing that book before and after launch. Read this to keep Amazon from deleting your reviews. Start this process at least 8 weeks before your book comes out. Amazon’s ‘Request a Review’ button is a feature within Seller Central’s Order Reports which allows you to send an automatic follow-up email to your shoppers within four to 30 days of purchase. It demonstrates like its subtitle says: A work smart, not hard, way to profit on Wall Street. 1. Click on the name of a reviewer to get to that reviewer’s Amazon profile (which lists books or items that they’ve reviewed). For instance, "My book is Normal People meets The Incendiaries. Launched in 2007 as Omnivoracious (“Hungry for the next good book”), the Amazon Book Review has served as the place for the Amazon Books editors to talk about our passions for fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, kids’ books, mysteries, romance, and science fiction. Here are three more key tips for pitching book reviewers: 1. To find bloggers to contact in your niche you can use either Blog Metrics or Blog Directory. “Most, if not all, publicists and publishers send authors a very long questionnaire to fill out when they start their marketing plan,” she says. As we all know, reviews are critical to a product’s success on Amazon. “With luck, you will find at least a couple of book reviews per title, which will give you many more outlets to investigate further.”. Amazon reviews definitely influence the purchasing decision. I’m trying to get in touch with these reviewers, but don’t see any contact information on the reviewers list. Free books generally get more downloads over time, so you are likely to get more reviews. You'll never know if you don't take the time to read the review policy first.”. Here are three more ways to get book reviews for your work, so you can bolster your Amazon profile and start making some serious sales. “First, you show the reviewer that you respect and appreciate them when you follow their instructions. How to Get Legitimate Reviews This increases the number of reviews you’ll receive. Email them (if contact info is available on their site) or use the contact form on their site if available. Pitching a reviewer is pretty straightforward. This way, you can update the highlighted fields to quickly personalize your pitch request for each reviewer. For the most part, it was a successful effort as I got realistic reviews and many people did like the book. Close the deal. Become a member today to discover how we can help you publish a beautiful book. Or people who pick apart your sentences word-by-word, just for the "fun" of it. That’s okay, because that is the person’s honest opinion, but I finally got tired of these folks, and of the folks who took a free copy and then had not reviewed the book six months later.

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