cropping pattern in different ecological zones of pakistan

These two provinces represent different agro-ecological zones with differences in cropping patterns (spatial and temporal combination of crops in a field for one year) and climatic characteristics (Pakistan Meteorological Department, 2014). Mixed cropping was the most preferred cropping system in the forest zone while mixed cropping and crop rotation were the dominant cropping systems in the derived savannah zone. Madhya Pradesh has remarkable agrarian diversity having a wide range of climatic backcloth within and between different crop seasons, variety of soil types ranging from light textured soil to very heavy rich clay vertisols, each with their own inherent problems, and cropping patterns. agro ecological zones (P ≤ 0.01). Rain-fed and irrigated zones of Punjab receives the highest and lowest rainfall respectively . The Punjab consists mostly of irrigated land while KPK constitutes the uplands and is mostly rainfed. 1) Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan : a) Agro-Ecological Zones -NWFP : b) Agro-Ecological Zones -PUNJAB : c) Agro-Ecological Zones -SINDH : d) Agro-Ecological Zones -BALOCHISTAN: 2) Cropping Patterns - Pakistan : 3) Aridity Classes - Pakistan : 4) Crop Growth Classes - Pakistan It is a riverine country so maximum area of it's is floodplain and basin type. Agroclimatic zones of India and Tamil Nadu - – Agro ecological zones of India . Pakistan Journal of Meteorology Vol. We know that AEZ is the area of the nearly same ecological and soil characteristics agricultural crops production. Agronomy – definition – meaning and scope. The State is divided into ten agro-climatic zones. About 43.00 and 34.00% apiece of respondents in forest and derived savannah zones practiced arable plus permanent crop farming system. 1.1. role in determining the cropping patterns of the area. Figure 3 Different agro-ecological zones of Pakistan Rahim et al.7 Table 1 Potential soybean growing areas and cropping pattern of Pakistan Province Area/cropping system Cropping system Existing Proposed Punjab Rice area Rice-Wheat-Rice Soybean-Wheat -Rice Farmers are still following traditional methods of farming. Fig. 9, Issue 17: Jul 2012 37 Rainfall Trends in Different Climate Zones of Pakistan Salma, S.1, S. Rehman1, M. A. Shah2 Abstract In this paper, the study was conducted across the country to assess the rainfall trend in different climate zones of The Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) map bifurcates Punjab into different agro-ecological zones, as depicted in Figure 2, and each zone has different rainfall pattern. Long-term Potato Wholesale Price Trends in Pakistan (Rs/40kg) Years Prices moist forest zone, the farming community in Bamenda in the high savanna zone and farms in the sahel savanna zone in Garoua. So cropping pattern of a definite AEZ is mostly same. Bangladesh is a small country but it has different land type in different area. The agro-ecological zones are hence classified on the basis of altitude and their respective cropping patterns are shown in Table 2. Principles of agronomy deal with scientific facts in relations to environment in which crop are produced. agros’ meaning ‘field’ and ‘ nomos’ ‘meaning ‘management’. Agronomy is derived from a Greek word . Three ecological zones (Cotton Zone, Rice Zone and Arid Zone) will be selected to explore the effects of climate change on the farming communities and farmers’ concern toward climate change. In this regard a project will be launched in different ecological zones of Punjab. Based on the crop season, growth period, and output of interaction of different crops, the cropping patterns for different agro-ecological zones can be further developed and implemented. These study areas offer diverse information on temperature, rainfall, sunshine and wind speed that allows for the examination of their influence on the cropping patterns and specific crop requirements.

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