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The pricing for Azure Windows Virtual Desktops (WVD) is based on number of users for your enterprise, the quality of the virtual machines and the total users using multi or single sessions. Can each virtual desktop be “personalized”? What Exactly is Behind a Digital Transformation? Backups will be geo-redundant in this example as well. 09/09/2020; 25 minutes to read +16; In this article. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thanks for the clarification. No user data ever leaves the Azure environment and there is no third-party access to the deployment. WVD becomes a free add-on to your existing Office 365 membership, resulting in significant savings in licensing costs. Get the best price possible for cloud services through Microsoft discounts and incentives. This is exciting news for those looking for the combined data processing capabilities of a SIEM and the quick artificial intelligence of a SOAR. A zone redundant Virtual Network Gateway is also an extra $200/mo from the basic single zone SKU. When deploying VDI on Azure , you can choose between licensing for Windows 7 and Windows 10 machines or licensing for Windows Server. That’s almost as frustrating as trying to understand Microsoft Licensing. No! Unfortunately I still don’t get how the HA/failover without scaling up the other VM by hand works and how availability zones help there. This Completes the WVD Services in Azure! – Fs Series sometimes makes sense and is similar to Ds, but it’s not one of my go-to sizes. Pricing for WVD has been known for a few months, but today Microsoft formally announced that Windows Virtual Desktop is now Generally Available (GA) worldwide. I’d suggest starting with the Intune Security Baselines for a PAW configuration: How many spend most of their time working in Office apps like Word and Excel? For instructions, see Tutorial: Create a host pool with the Azure portal.. Windows Virtual Desktop supports GPU-accelerated rendering and encoding in the following operating systems: Loaded question. Setting up Windows Virtual Desktop takes just a few minutes to get the service running. Meet with your customer and gather information about who will be using WVD. Can we install apps on each virtual desktop that are specific to each user’s needs? With this information you’re ready to use the WVD Solution Configurator. Here are the other services that Infused Innovations deploys with all of our WVD projects in Azure: For a small deployment of about five users, all those Azure costs can add up to about $275/mo. WVD Pricing Guide (Windows Virtual Desktop). There are two pricing models: Per- named user ($4/month) – maximum number of unique users assigned to WVD host pools at any given time in the past 30 days. Organizations can deploy the Printix Client onto their WVD hosts and configure its printers. You can probably get the deployment above down to $200/mo if you’re aggressive about removing the extra services. Again, you can argue that you don’t need HA and can just double the VM size of the other host if one goes offline. Microsoft seems to class them as “Heavy” if they’ll be using PowerPoint/Outlook and give an example size of D4s_v3, F4s_v2 with 2 users per CPU but there are so many more sizes how should I actually determine it. Printix is an Azure-integrated printing service (SaaS) which handles printer assignments and printer queue creations for local and network printers. You can increase the size of your RI without a penalty, but you cannot switch to a smaller size VM. The Azure costs in Scenario 1 should be fairly close to your use case. Doesn’t availability zones only add traffic costs (which you calculated with $5 in your example)? It all depends on how much downtime you can tolerate. CSP partners can qualify to receive compensation based on performance. The Azure Security Center (now Azure Defender for Servers) is already included in Scenario 1 and gives you the additional security logging and next-gen AV. The only scenario that I can imagine where you’ll want to do this is if you already have a large RDS farm in Azure and want to replace your RDS gateways with WVD to handle the user sessions instead. If you need help, we’ll deploy Azure Sentinel and scenario 1 of this blog post at no cost to you for 30 days! This new Windows 10 multi-session operating system is only allowed to run on the Microsoft Azure-platform. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Finally, apply your knowledge of Azure pricing to ensure you pay only for what your customer uses. Licensing for FSLogix Profile Container, Office 365 Container, Application Masking, and Java redirection tools are included with all of the named SKUs listed above. Yes, you can auto start/stop the VM to save on compute costs or you can buy a reserved instance. Let’s imagine you only have a handful of employees that need light access to WVD. You can't use overlapping spaces to uniquely identify traffic that originates from your VNet. For those new to Azure and WVD, it’s important to keep in mind that WVD still requires traditional Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) for authentication. Did I understand correctly in that it is possible to turn off the VM running WVD (say turning it on at 6 am and back off at 10 pm). With Azure discounts and incentives, you’ll save enough off the list price to give customers a discount and earn a higher margin for yourself. In WVD, the user profiles and apps are stored in separate containers, and this can improve flexibility and scalability. For those who are looking to lift and shift their on-premises desktops, servers, and applications to the Cloud, Apps4Rent offers simple pricing for fully-managed Cloud desktops based on Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) technology. Here is the monthly estimated TCO for WVD in Azure’s East US datacenter: I can hear my Azure engineers telling me that WVD is a “disposable” or “commodity” service when you’re using FSLogix with OneDrive for business. Azure Sentinel Pricing. Microsoft calls this operating system “Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session”. Ransomware Protection. This is a great article, just what I was looking for. Assume you are thinking along the lines of a Windows 10 multi-session set up for 100 users in Azure’s East US datacenter while considering Office apps usage a medium scenario. It all depends on how much downtime you can tolerate. If you scale only the Azure costs in scenario 1 by 5 you get $1,433. Let’s take a look at the total cost of ownership (TCO) in this WVD pricing guide. Required fields are marked *. To create a host pool within your Windows Virtual Desktop tenant, see Create a host pool with Azure Marketplace. Again, you can argue that you don’t need HA and can just double the VM size of the other host if one goes offline.”. Do they use graphics intensive apps like Adobe Photoshop? I also don’t understand why the $700 extra cost should come from the zone redudancy. e.g I have 100 Knowledge workers that need access to a desktop during office hours only (9-5). So, depending on your view, when it comes to Windows Virtual Desktop you could say that license pricing is the same as selecting AHB when looking at a single Server VM, for example (meaning, not calculating costs by adding WVD to the Azure Calculator), or that pricing is the same as selecting on of the above-mentioned Linux license types. Example 1 is a single WVD host. Microsoft recently announced that after feedback from over 12,000 trials, they’ve made Azure Sentinel generally available. Superior Office 365 Compatibility . Here’s a little more detail about some of Azure Sentinal’s new capabilities that just went online. Combine Azure Reserved Instance and Azure Hybrid Benefit to save even more – up to 80% compared to pay-as-you-go pricing. One of my biggest complaints about using Azure AD P1 to issue Azure MFA challenges on a traditional RDS deployment via RADIUS authentication is that it issues an MFA challenge on every login. However, if you choose to run Windows Virtual Desktop on a Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 server, then you will need to purchase RDS CALs. * If your workload can tolerate interruptions, and its execution time is flexible, then using spot VMs can significantly reduce the cost of running your workload in Azure. WVD was released in preview back in March, and our step-by-step guide to deploy WVD is one of our most popular posts. 'Secure Intelligent Workplace' and 'Infused Threat Protection' are Trademarks of Infused Innovations, Inc. Office 365, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud App Security, Azure AD, Intune, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint, Azure, Azure Sentinel, Log Analytics, Azure Security Center, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Microsoft 365, Azure Arc, Cognitive Services, and Modern Workplace are Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. No! Intelligent Threat Protection. Once you enable service endpoints in your virtual network, y… WVD Pricing. Everything else is built in. According to Microsoft, d uring public preview, desktops and apps can be deployed on virtual machines (VMs) in any Azure region, and the management solution and data for these VMs will reside in the United States (US East 2 region).This may result in data transfer to the United States while you test the service during public preview. Other advantages of moving to Azure WVD is the availability of a virtually infinite variety of services and resources in the Cloud and better integration with Office 365 products. If you change it to 50, or any other number it will automatically revert back to a 100 users. Reserve in advance with Azure Reserved Instances and save up to 72% 2 from pay-as-you-go pricing on Azure compute. I don’t fully understand that explanation. If you haven’t tried Windows Virtual Desktop yet, take a look at our step-by-step guide to deploy WVD with Windows 10 multisession in Azure. Security Best Practices for Microsoft 365. Meaning that OneDrive is your backup and you don’t need to pay for a Recovery Services Vault. I suppose I should increase the compute costs in Example two and clarify that. Technical Contents. Service endpoints provide the ability to secure Azure service resources to your virtual network by extending VNet identity to the service. This product is an amazing tool allowing you to spin up WVD and RemoteApp very easily. For 9-5 only, it’s going to be cheaper to turn the VMs off then to purchase Reserved Instances. Microsoft suggests 4 x D8s v3 VMs which they price at $0.1474 on an hourly basis for each virtual machine. ... Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service hosted on Azure. If one was going offline we would still have to double the size of the other VM, wouldn’t we? As you can see, adding in zone and geo-redundancy adds roughly an extra $700/mo to the price of WVD. Experiment with it to see how different variables, like Windows 10 single session vs multi session deployment, affect cost. Reminder: pricing varies across Azure Datacenters. Short answer: yes. We offer a free 30-day WVD PoC if you need any help. – Es Series is if you need more RAM for CPU core For a quick reference to Microsoft 365 pricing plans, check out our feature and pricing comparison page. Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, or simply Azure WVD, is a cloud-based app and desktop virtualization service offered by Microsoft Azure. Microst’s Azure calculator can assist with estimating the required VM sizes for your environment. nutshell, it is “VDIaaS” – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure as a Service Spot Pricing. That means you need a site-to-site VPN tunnel to your on-premises network, and we suggest running a small DC on Server Core in Azure too. – Ds Series is the next size up for performance Azure compute can be as much as 76% 1 of the total Azure infrastructure bill. The Azure pricing calculator confuses me! We will explore the considerations required and look at tools such as the pricing calculator and WVD configurator. It optimizes O365 experience and enables your IT team to transition existing Windows server (Remote Desktop Services) desktop and applications on Azure. Compare Azure Government and global Azure. Let’s discuss Windows Virtual Desktop Software Assurance to better understand this. The Auto-Scaling enables your organization to save money with multitude of options that fit your business needs. WVD CAF Pre-Sales Sell-To and Sell-Through guidance on customer and partner business model including licensing and pricing with cost savings. If you’re looking to utilize Azure WVD in your business, Nerdio is a must! Here’s a quick guide of how I approach VM sizes: However, the Azure calculator will show you pricing based on 100 WVD users, which is the minimum. You can either start smaller and see if anyone complains, or over-provision and drop it down based on usage metrics. There are two deployment models for WVD: shared-hosts and dedicated hosts. Purchase unused compute capacity at deep discounts – up to 90 percent compared to pay as you go prices. Actual discount will vary based on configuration, region, and current pricing, 3 Based on estimates from Azure pricing calculator and assumptions of user requirements, 2 reasons why you should create a Desktop as a Service offering with Windows Virtual Desktop, Why Integrated Technology Systems is choosing Windows Virtual Desktop for their customers, Windows Virtual Desktop accelerates customer cloud transitions for Litzia, Posted in Business Enablement, Featured ContentTagged SMB, Windows Virtual Desktop: Customer Targeting’, Partner Essentials: 4 steps to understanding GTM Resources and benefits, Partner Essentials: Partner sales & technical readiness, Weathering the storm: the impact of COVID, December 2020 Hot Sheet partner training schedule, Top Stories for US partners the week of November 30, Top Stories for US partners the week of November 23, Estimate costs with the solution configurator, Take advantage of discounts and incentives, Create a fixed price package for your customer. * Use this tool to estimate Azure compute, storage and networking costs. For instance, how many employees primarily focus on data entry? I’m also not clear if I can use Reserved Instances if I want to scale down the service out of hours (for about 10 users). Whereas on a shared host, you would install all the apps on one host and all users would have access to all the apps. WVD supports two types of desktops: 1. Then you need to identify how much performance and security telemetry you need to keep your users happy and stay compliant. Provide it at a fixed price…customers like consistency! Customers with Windows Server or SQL Server License with Software Assurance can use the licenses they already own to receive a discount on Azure infrastructure with Azure Hybrid Benefit. Hi @Paul Shadwell . Again, you can argue that you don’t need HA and can just double the VM size of the other host if one goes offline. Ask about the activities that require the use of a computer. Picture this: You just finished talking with a customer who has a growing marketing agency. Your information will not be sold to any third-parties. With the upcoming general availability of Microsoft’s Azure-only Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service later this year, the most common question we hear from MSPs is how to think through its pricing and the resulting impact on an MSPs’ business. Hope that helps. Microsoft’s pricing structure on the Windows Virtual Desktop website assumes t… Per- concurrent user ($6/month) – maximum number of unique users connected to WVD hosts pools at any given time in the past 30 days. Before you make your recommendation, you need a clear picture of costs and pricing to make sure it’s the right fit. But compute costs are only one part of running WVD in Azure. But they’re also looking for solutions to better support their modern workforce who works from the office, the field, and from home. In example two, you would have to size the VMs large enough to handle a failover. Desktop Operating System. In the second scenario we have 2 hosts in 2 different availability zones. In this scenario, we’ll deploy two WVD session pool hosts across two zones for redundancy. If you are running the multi-session instance of Windows 10 Enterprise in WVD, there is no need to purchase any RDS CALs. Nerdio Manager for WVD is deployed as an all-PaaS, secure Azure application inside a customer’s own subscription in a geographic location of their choice. Learn about Windows Virtual Desktop, why it's unique, and what's new in this video: For more videos about Windows Virtual Desktop, see our playlist. Ongoing management: Desktop image and user session management reduces the administrative burden of maintaining a WVD environment. Azure WVD can benefit organisations of any size. Guide to Ransomware Protection. Watch ‘Customer Targeting for WVD’ starting at 23:25 for a step-by-step walkthrough on using the Simple Version of the solution configurator. RDS requires that service providers use the Windows Server operating system to take advantage of multi-user functionality. A PAW just has Group Policy/Registry/CSP configurations that are enforced, so there’s no extra cost for that. If the VM needs to run 24×7, then purchase a reserved instance for up to 40% savings instead. 3 The company is ready for a hardware refresh. Here’s a quick reference to VM compute pricing. To configure FSLogix profile containers, see Create a profile container for a host pool using a file share. This is our typical deployment for a proof-of-concept, but might be more than enough for smaller companies. I’m sure we’re all excited about WVD’s GA announcement today! This service enables secure and scalable remote work. eBook: WVD Adoption Aligned To Cloud Adoption Framework Guidance supporting WVD in relation to CAF phases including Strategy, Plan, Ready, Adopt, Govern and Manage. Create a Desktop-as-a-Service offering that bundles together Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft 365, infrastructure management and support services. How do you actually pick the Azure VM size? If you scale only the Azure costs in scenario 1 by 5 you get $1,433. If you’re interested in WVD and would like to understand how it could work for you and find out more about Azure WVD pricing, then please contact us for a free discussion with one of our Certified Azure experts. Considerable savings: Pricing Azure compute and storage through auto-scaling provides significant savings. Azure VDI pricing is impacted by three main factors—infrastructure, WVD Management Service, and licensing. Tech Guides. For Personal desktop usage, the pricing depends on vCPUs and RAM. For 25 users, I’d estimate that closer to $500/mo. Service endpoints provide the following benefits: 1. The most secure option on the market: Nerdio Manager for WVD is deployed as an Azure application into the customer’s own subscription. WVD is the only service that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10 and is optimized for Office 365 ProPlus. In theory, this is simple: just pay the Linux cost for any VM size that you select. *To open, you must first be logged into MPN with your Partner ID, **To download, you must first be logged into MPN with your Partner ID, 1 Based on estimates from Azure pricing calculator and assumptions of user requirements, 2 72% discount was maximum savings from Reserved instance., Your email address will not be published. To set up fully managed file shares in the cloud, see Set up Azure Files share. Your email address will not be published. Given the customer’s needs, you want to suggest Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Depending on the client, I would be willing to accept that argument. Deploy Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Azure Pricing and Packaging webinar. Thanks for the feedback. – B Series is if you’re going to be using less than 60% of the CPU most of the time. Pooled (many-to-1 assignment between users and desktop VM)WVD can also be used to deliver individual apps instead of full published desktops. Create a new host pool using a VM of the size you selected. In all of these scenarios (personal, pooled, apps), there are VMs running Windows (typically Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session) that provide this functionality. Here is a list of each SKU that includes WVD at the time of GA: Note that Microsoft 365 Business can only access WVD from a Windows 10 Pro device. As you can see, adding in zone and geo-redundancy adds roughly an extra $700/mo to the price of WVD. Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure. If you use the Azure calculator, the price comes to $0.752/hour.

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